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The Firm's activity is mainly dedicated to consultancy services and corporate litigation:

Consultancy activities: anticipate to avoid difficulties

  • Corporate Law: support for the person who sets up a company, from foundation through the various phases of corporate life (grouping, transfers, dissolution...)
  • Contract Law: negotiation and drafting of agreements required for the activity (distribution, sales, employment, licensing agreements, commercial leases...)
  • Business Law: drafting and/or validating marketing documents (General Sales Conditions, invoices, order forms...) in compliance with currently prevailing legislation
  • Support for labour law issues (recruitment, disciplinary procedures, dismissals).

Litigation: dispute management

Company representation before the Commercial Court, the Tribunal de Grande Instance*, or Industrial Courts according to the type of litigation.

A sole objective: when appropriate, we favour alternative ways of settling disputes (conciliation, mediation, transaction).

* Civil Court